ISO 9001 Quality Assurance

Bradleys are an ISO 9001 registered company, providing full traceability and quality management assurance.

Professional Inspection

Quality monitoring and testing of your project begins from the moment it arrives until completion. Every consignment of work is subject to a goods inward inspection on arrival, and is constantly monitored at every stage of the production process. Bradleys have their own laboratory and sophisticated testing equipment allowing processing to be monitored and approved to the relevant specifications.

Approved Applicators

Bradleys hold approved applicator status and as part of Bradleys quality policy we only use high quality paints and powders to ensure your coatings will continue to look their best for years
to come.


We can give paint and corrosion guarantees for a large variety of systems ranging from rural low risk applications, to marine grade high risk areas.

Approvals and Recommendations

Bradleys have many industry approvals and qualifications from external governing bodies. Please ask for further information or for copies of our certification.


Qualisteelcoat Accreditation

Bradleys Metal Finishers - First Qualisteelcoat Applicator in the UK

Bradleys continue to raise the bar in coating standards and became the first approved Qualisteelcoat Applicator in the UK to obtain the prestigious quality label.
QUALISTEELCOAT is an international quality label for the application of POWDER COATING and other ORGANIC COATINGS over STEEL.

In 1986 several coating associations formed a quality label organisation called QUALICOAT with the goal of raising and standardising the level of quality pre-treatment and coating application over ALUMINIUM throughout Europe, laying down rules applying to the industry.

Only those companies that worked to the highest industry standards of pre-treatment and coating application were able to obtain the prestigious QUALICOAT label, and are continually monitored by an external inspection and testing body to ensure compliance and best practise methods are being maintained.

There has been an essential requirement in the steel coating industry for a similar quality coating label for pre-treatment and coating over STEEL, so in 2006 several coating associations formed QUALISTEELCOAT in Europe with the same goal of raising and standardising the quality level of coatings over STEEL.

QUALISTEELCOAT has set a very high bar for coating companies throughout Europe, and the quality label ensures that coatings over steel are applied to the highest standard, meet the required technical specifications, and provide a high level of corrosion protection, adhesion properties, weathering resistance and sustainable decorative appearance.

Not only does QUALISTEELCOAT define the quality level required from a coating company, it also defines the internal process application methods a coating company must work to, and it defines approved coating systems, it defines tested and approved coating materials, and it monitors, audits and controls all licenced coaters who hold the QUALISTEELCOAT LABEL to ensure all these standards are consistently maintained and achieved.

The QUALISTEELCOAT label ensures that premium grade coatings are applied over STEEL, HOT DIP GALVANISE and ZINC THERMAL SPRAY.

Specifiers and users of powder coatings and other organic coatings that wish to ensure their projects are coated with durable long-life systems, and wish to ensure these systems are carried out by approved applicators working to the highest industry standard should ensure they specify that coatings are to be applied by a QUALISTEELCOAT APPLICATOR.

Refer to http://qualisteelcoat.net for more information or contact one of Bradleys team on mail@bradleys-uk.com or call us on 01473 461400.